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Benj Sinclair
Environmental Educator, Wildlife Guide
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Benj Sinclair’s invitation is awaiting your response

Benj Sinclair would like to connect on LinkedIn. How would you like to respond?
Benj Sinclair
Benj Sinclair
Environmental Educator, Wildlife Guide
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The Hole Hiking Experience is starting it’s 25th season! I am so grateful that my vision has allowed us to share the natural world and increase awareness! It’s been an awesome journey!

We just received a 2014 Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor and our the new “look” to the web site is almost complete.

A NEW Summer 2014 tour is the Wildlife Immersion.  Everyone wants to see the amazing animals that live here so this combines a scenic drive with a nature walk. You can’t beat this tour and it’s a new staff pick!

Bhutan 2014- The Peaceful Kingdom Tour is a go!  Consider a journey to the Himalayas with me and Kinlay Gyetlshen. Tour dates are November 2-15, 2014. Check out the article in the New York Times.

Here’s to our 25th year. Thanks for all the support,

Happy Hiking,
Cathy Shill

Machu Picchu Fall 2013

Owner, The Hole Hiking Experience

2014 Staff Picks
Fall Walking Tour, September 25-30, 2014
Deepen your experience in the mountains!
Wildlife Garden
At the Earthfire Institute, you can connect to our native animals in a natural setting. Join owner, Cathy Shill, to visit the garden and  explore this unique ecosystem.

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January Nature News

January 2014  



Nature News

The start of 2014 has me planning for the year. It’s our 25th season offering nature tours in Jackson Hole.  I can’t believe that my inspiration all those years ago led to a successful business that allows me to do what I love.

As the years have passed, I have expanded my focus.  I will do a pilgrimage in Tibet in June and share Bhutan with clients this fall. Read about our fall trips to Bhutan at Space is still available so join me to discover this truly magical country.

Best regards,
Owner of The Hole Hiking Experience and Bhutan Himalayan Experience

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The month had one big storm cycle and one is predicted in the next few days. Snow is a bit thin and locals are anxiously awaiting more. The high pressure before our last big storm made avalanche danger high and travel in the backcountry extremely risky as the winds and snow blew hard for three days. Special warnings were posted.

During snow control following the last storm, large avalanches were released. This photo was taken in the Snake River Range by a High Mountain Heli-Skiing guide. It shows the large powerful avalanche and the unpredictable snow pack. Route finding and snow knowledge is crucial this season.

Nature is predominately quiet in January. However, the thinner snow pack still have elk and bison migrating to winter territories. About 30 Pronghorn remain in the valley instead of migrating to more wind swept plains in the southern parts of the state. They have not adapted to a deeper snow pack so their survival could be tipped by snow depth. At this point, enough bushes are exposed but we have three more snowy months to come.

In the town of Jackson, Flat Creek flooding has caused homeowners concern.  The creek winds its way out of the National Elk Refuge, through town, then heads south to join the Snake River.

This year, cold temperatures have caused ice to form on the creek bed rather than the water surface, pushing the water up and over the creek banks. This is a common occurrence in the winter but is particularly drastic this year.  Water and ice were approaching homes and threatening foundations. Its made for treacherous walking on the bike path, too, which might be impassable until spring. The locals are trying to form a water improvement district to address this hazard.

The month draws to a close with frigid temperatures and a winter storm approaching. We have received about 200 inches of snow so far this season. 400 is average so we have a ways to go. Reaching annual snowfall is important for sufficient summer moisture and a healthy growing season.


In the Woods

1/3- stormy and windy
1/6- Antelope Flats- coyote, elk, bison, moose
1/11-1/13- winter storm, snow and wind
1/12- Teton River- male and female goldeneye
1/12- Trumpeter swans on Snake River
1/15- flat creek frozen in town- flooding
1/20- Grand Teton Park- herd of elk, bald eagle, cow and calf moose
1/21- high pressure- inversion in mountains
1/25- snake river- immature bald eagle, Canadian geese, ravens, Trumpeter swans
1/27- snow


Tour Suggestion 

With high avalanche danger, we must be prudent in the backcountry. If the sunny days continue, you can’t beat a ski tour into Jenny Lake. Park at the Taggert Lake trailhead and head north. You can follow Cottonwood Creek at the base of the mountains. It’s about 9.0 miles round trip. The road is also groomed if you want another option but I enjoy the meadows along the creek.

prayer flags on mountain pass

As I ski beneath the Grand Teton, my thoughts go to the sacred peak of Bhutan. I will be sharing Bhutan this fall to return to a magical country where the people, their strong Buddhist traditions and their reverence for nature are all tightly and uniquely linked. If you long for an adventure in a place where the sacred, the mystical and the natural worlds are one inseparable heritage, Bhutan is for you. Join me!

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Amazon 2013

To fly to Iquitos, Peru is a bit like stepping back in time.  You can only reach this small town by plane or boat and you are surrounded by the Amazon, the lush forest and rich biological diversity.  Cars are rare so most people use motorcycles.  We were met by the staff of the Aqua, our yacht on the Amazon and off we went for our adventure.

We spent two full days exploring the Amazon River. We boated to different areas to see birds, mammals, and meet the local people. We swam with dolphins, met school children, fished, observed, and at the end of each excursion we returned to the comfort of the Aqua.

P1040506 (800x441)The bird life is diverse and rich colors come to mind. Macaws are beautiful!  The photo is of the Blue Yellow River Macaw. At one stop, we saw 25 in one tree! Raptors studied us as we floated beneath them. The most common was the Black-collared Hawk which is a fish eater. We even saw the rare Long-billed Wood Creeper. I was impressed by a nighthawk- the Great Potoo, an insect eater. It camouflaged perfectly with the tree where it roosted. For a birder, this is the trip! We were told there are 1800 different types. My list is long and varied. It was great to have naturalists with us to share their knowledge and passion.

The mammals were also exciting. We did see the Three-toed Sloth. They only come out of their tree once a week to go to the bathroom. Talk about slow metabolism. As you watch them move, it makes sense.  The Cabybara is the largest rodent and we saw it on a night adventure.

P1040544 (649x800)Monkeys are common.  They greeted us with screeches and hoots as we floated by. We saw Owl Monkeys which are nocturnal. The Common Squirrel Monkey, the Flying Monkey and many more.

We also saw pink dolphins, turtles,  and went for a swim with them.  We even fished for Piranha and gave our catch to a local village.P1040729 (800x600)



Each day was a new experience. It reminded me of home- Jackson Hole and  the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. I have the fortune to live in an area with rich diversity.  The web of life is complete as species are protected in the northwest corner of Wyoming.  It is a true thrill to be in an area surrounded by nature! We are blessed to have so many amazing areas to explore. Here’s to the next adventure…. P1040908 (800x600)

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